Computer Usage Questions:

Directions: Please answer the following brief questions and submit by January 31. Thank you


1. Does your job require the use of a computer?

2. What percent of your work day is spent using a computer?

3 Are you currently a PC user?

4. Are you a MAC User?

5. Are you considering switching platforms?

6. Do you use UW-Parkside Network storage to save your electronic files (H-drive and/or I-drive)?

Check the box for each electronic file storage device that you use.

7. Does your job require you to use a CD or DVD Drive? If yes click all appropriate buttons.

8. Does your job require off campus access (away from your primary UW-P campus work location)?

9. What percent of a normal work week would require mobile (off-campus) computing?

10. Do you have high speed internet access at home?


12. Does your job require the use of audio, visual or graphics software?


13. Do you install and evaluate course software?

14. Do you run any application(s) requiring extended processing time?
(3 hours or more unattended)

15. Does your job require you to do non-text computer entry?

If yes, indicate the type of non-text entry:

16. Would a light-weight mobile touch screen pen entry computer support your computing needs better than a laptop or desktop computer?

Thank you very much. Your input is valued and appreciated!